Hello judges and shipping professionals! We are cadets from the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, and we are proud to present our idea to help create a safer tomorrow for all who work in the shipping industry. Our presentation to you comes in the form of a website. This website can be navigated using the tabs in the upper right-hand corner, or by scrolling.


The purpose in doing this was to be able to provide you all with a versatile medium to learn about our idea. Here, you are able to access the written paper and an educational video describing how the process (our idea) would be conducted in a real scenario. Thank you for your time, and we hope you enjoy the presentation!

Warm Regards

Ian Costello & Alec Schenning

Massachusetts Maritime Academy


Our Paper

Click the image above to open a PDF of our paper. This will accompany the informational video.


Informational Video

Stock footage provided by Kiril Dobrev, downloaded from

We have created the video above to help explain how our process will be an investment in a safer tomorrow.



101 Academy Drive, Buzzards Bay, MA, USA, 02053

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